Dell warns that working will never be the same

Grey tin box shifter Dell has warned its channel that they need to assume that things will not get back to normal after the pandemic.

Dell  vice-chairman and COO  Jeff Clarke believes the future is going to be different.

“In our 10 years as a connected workplace, we’ve learned that it’s a combination of technology, the right tools for workforce enablement and culture. And we are sharing these best practices with our customers as they embark on this journey – a journey that will be transformational for customers and, as the only player to be able to bring real solutions that connect the edge, core and cloud, will benefit Dell Technologies”, he said.

Perhaps stating the obvious, he went on to say: “After all of this investment to enable remote everything, we will never go back to the way things were before. At Dell, we expect on an ongoing basis that 60 percent of our workforce will stay remote or have a hybrid schedule where they work from home mostly and come into the office one or two days a week.”

“We are not alone. Recent data shows that work from home is likely to increase by 20 points across all-size companies across all sectors. I think that is understated. And it will take more technology to ensure productivity and collaboration from anywhere”, Clarke added.