Datto pairs with Intel for MSPs

Cloud outfit Datto has teamed up with Intel on its Datto RMM, its remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform.

Datto and Intel customers will now have direct capability from Datto RMM to remotely and more securely control devices “out-of-band”, meaning the hardware is either powered off or the operating system is unresponsive. This introduces a level of access to support endpoints that MSPs would otherwise struggle to achieve using traditional remote control tools.

The combination of Datto RMM and Intel Endpoint Management Assistant as part of the Intel vPro platform, provides MSPs with remote, secure and uninterrupted, hardware-level access to end-point devices, it’s claimed, even when the operating system is not functioning properly. MSPs can remotely power, more securely manage and control the device, enabling comprehensive remote support and software and patch updates.

Central PA Technologies CEO Joseph Wright said: “The new integration between Datto RMM and the Intel Endpoint Management Assistant has proven to vastly improve our techs capacity to deliver out-of-band support to Intel vPro devices. Rather than sending someone on-site for an unresponsive device or low-level hard drive encryption, our techs are able to continue providing remote support using Datto RMM and Intel EMA. It’s a huge win for us because it now allows us to improve the responsiveness to our customers and reduce the time to solve the problem.”

Datto vice president, Software Engineering Ian van Reenen said: “Up until now, MSPs have been unable to access devices that are offline or turned off. It is, however, critical for MSPs to have full, remote access to the devices they are responsible for maintaining. This means remote management capabilities anywhere at any time. At Datto, we are continuously advancing our technology to empower our MSP partners with the innovative products required to drive their business forward. This integration with Intel enables our MSP partners to extend their capabilities and better serve their customers.”

This is the second collaboration between Datto and Intel. In June 2019, Datto announced SIRIS 4, the next generation of Datto’s flagship business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) appliance, which uses several advanced, high-performance Intel processors.