Cyber Defence Alliance forms banking protection partnership with Anomali

The UK’s Cyber Defence Alliance has formed a partnership with Anomali to enhance cybersecurity capabilities and automate the secure and meaningful sharing of threat intelligence with its banking members.

The goal of the partnership is to strengthen member bank’s abilities to act against organised cyber-crime groups that carry out repeated attacks on banks and the wider financial sector in the UK and Europe.

Anomali is a leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions with over 1700 organisations globally using the Anomali platform.

Steven Wilson, CEO of the CDA, said: “The CDA are pleased to partner with Anomali to offer our member banks tools that allow analysis and sharing of large amounts of threat intelligence data from multiple sources. The protection of our financial institutions and customers is enhanced through sharing information on threat across multiple organisations. The CDA collaboration with Anomali develops our ability to analyse multiple data sets allowing resources to be focused where they are of greatest benefit to protect against attacks, and pursue those groups who cause the greatest harm.”

Hugh Njemanze, CEO of Anomali, said: “The problem of how to address cyber threats is compounded by the overwhelming volumes of data about them, confusion over which security solutions are effective, and shortages of cybersecurity professionals. The work that the CDA does for its banking members, supported by best-in-class technology and intelligence solutions like Anomali, arms those members with the intelligence they need to better protect their businesses against cyber attacks.”