Coronavirus might not have had much of a silver lining for cloud 

A report has discovered that while cloud uptake increased during the coronavirus outbreak, three quarters of companies were not really happy with it.

iland, a leading VMware-based cloud services provider for application hosting, data protection and disaster recovery, today released the findings of its research into customer confidence in cloud services.

It found that despite the increase in cloud adoption due to the pandemic, three quarters of organisations surveyed say hyperscaler IaaS instance types may not meet their cost and performance needs for mission-critical applications, while more than one in five are not satisfied with key features of cloud provision such as security, performance, availability and support.

The research also found that a lack of migration resources is delaying or preventing cloud projects for more than 80 percent of organisations surveyed. 

The research dubbed The Hidden Pitfalls of Working with Hyperscale Clouds was conducted among 501 senior IT executives, including CIOs, CISOs and CTOs, in the UK and US by independent research organisation, Opinion Matters, in June 2020. Participants were asked for their views on security, performance, compliance and their overall level of confidence in the cloud services they have invested in.

More than 83 percent said lack of migration resources and/or time has delayed cloud migration. Among those, 12 per cent said it has entirely prevented migration.

Another 75 percent said a T-Shirt size or hyper-scale instance type does not meet all their performance and cost requirements. A quarter were not confident that hyperscale clouds can meet performance and availability requirements for specific applications. Another quarter were not confident that production data is protected via backup or disaster recovery in the event of data loss with their cloud service provider.

Researcher Charles Moore said: “While cloud adoption has seen a significant uptick due to the pandemic, the lack of migration resources for many customers has delayed or prevented deployment. Customers need to choose a cloud vendor that can fill the internal resource gaps that can hinder success.”

Justin Giardina, iland Chief Technology Officer, added: “The business benefits of moving to the cloud are indisputable, but with 83 per cent of those surveyed saying that migration resources are necessary to achieve those benefits it’s clear that customers need to look beyond just the cloud platform and ensure their vendor can offer the supporting services that can reduce risk and improve time to value.”