Comtec Enterprises growing

Comtec Enterprises has taken on 30 new junior hires to its operations and sales teams.

The company said that the new positions have been created on the back of promising growth opportunities in Comtec’s data centre, infrastructure and communications divisions, with all of the new starters set to be in place over the next few months.

Comtec Enterprises CEO  Nick Claxson said that 2020 had been a very challenging year for many of our customers, but by working hard and offering creative and flexible IT services his outfit was fortunate enough to grow during this period and see great potential in supporting the post-Covid recovery.

“I set up Comtec as a teenager more than 20 years ago and believe IT is a great career path to start out, develop skills and be successful. That’s why we want to fuel future growth by training up our own people, all under the age of 24, in partnership with the government Kickstart Scheme. This is positive news for our customers as we further assist their adoption of technology to address future business challenges, but also a fantastic opportunity for each of these 30 talented young people to excel.”

Of the 30 new starters joining Comtec, 15 will be trainee service engineers working in Comtec’s 24/7 service centre and the remaining 15 are attached to presales and sales functions.

All are minimum six month positions and afford the opportunity to develop skills via a comprehensive, government-approved training programme with the chance to progress into a full-time position in summer 2021 onwards.

“We’ve designed the training and support package to allow both the service engineers and the salespeople to get the most from the opportunity, and drive value into our business too”, added Claxson.

“The engineers will be getting fantastic, transferable skills and hands-on experience in an area with high demand for talent. The salespeople will also accumulate skills in customer-facing roles, and be able to access the same success-based commissions as senior colleagues.”