Compal hit by ransomware hackers

Laptop maker Compal has been hit by a ransomware attack with attackers demanding a £13 million ransom.

Taiwanese media were quick to report that Compal had been hit by a cyber attack. At first, the laptop manufacturer denied that it was being blackmailed by cybercriminals and blamed the issue on an “abnormality” in their office automation system.  However, a ransom note was made public which managed to kill all the denial.

Compal had been asked to pay 1,100 Bitcoins, which is around £12,906,473, to receive a decryptor. The group behind DoppelPaymer also reportedly offer their services for others to use, similar to the ‘ransomware as a service’ (RaaS) operation run by the Netwalker group, which has reportedly made over $29 million since March.

ITWire reported that Compal likely hasn’t yet responded to the ransom note, as the group behind DoppelPaymer have not listed the ransomware attack on their dark web site. It is not yet known whether the laptop manufacturer is planning to pay the ransom.