Cirrus and TelXL merge

Cloud-based contact centre outfit Cirrus and networking company TelXL are to merge.

The pair say they have ambitious growth plans and is on course to double revenues in the coming year thanks to a highly successful channel strategy. To support this anticipated growth the company will be increasing headcount by over 60 percent.

For over a decade Cirrus has been providing a voice network to customers by using the TelXL carrier service and TelXL’s range of solutions. Cirrus claims it has enhanced the TelXL’s network services with omnichannel capabilities for contact centres, conversational artificial intelligence, in-call language translation and secure payment solutions. The merged company will increase its product development capacity, ensuring even quicker speed to market with innovative new products.

Jason Roos is the new  CEO of the newly merged company and said that the merger significantly increases development capacity and will allow more exciting products and solutions to market in ever shorter timescales.

“For our staff, there are many more opportunities for growth and career development within a fast-moving and dynamic organisation that is in a leading position within an extremely exciting market.”

Nigel Fox, Founder of TelXL commented; “The merger is the natural next step for both organisations in what has been a long-term relationship. In 2015, TelXL acquired 51 per cent of Cirrus and this merger is the next step in our journey together.  We have successfully traded as a Group for many years and merging will bring us even closer together, with common goals and a shared vision of the future. The merger comes at the end of a highly successful year for both Cirrus and TelXL.”