Channel to see more merger and acquisitions

SSC boss James Rigby has said that the Channel could see more mergers in the coming months and said that his outfit could do  small acquisitions to bolster its customer base.

Addressing the assembled throngs at the Canalys Channel Forum Rigby said that SSC will not be doing anything huge, but new business is always a challenge.

“SCC, along with a number of the other bigger players, have that end-to-end capability on the infrastructure, so we have broadly got the portfolio of services we want and we now need to layer volume on top of that, and more clients”, he said.

He said that acquisition of smaller players is a way to harvest those clients quicker than you might see through sales recruitment.

“We won’t do anything huge, that would be too risky, but we are definitely looking at smaller deals to harvest clients in the UK, France and Spain.”

Rigby added that there was still plenty of life in the reselling business and, although it had moved into the managed services space, there was a lot of reselling happening.

“Reselling is here to stay and we absolutely want to be a part of that”, he said. “We want to cover all aspects of what our clients need from us.”