Cambium Networks introduces new partner programmes

Cambium Networks has  introduced new programmes and tools to help partners, distributors and managed service providers (MSP) grow revenue and transition enterprise customers to Wi-Fi 6 technology.

Cambium’s new channel investments include: an upgraded partner portal; a TCO Profiler software tool for quickly comparing deployment options; a “not for resale” Wi-Fi 6 starter kit; dedicated channel marketing and inside sales resources; virtual partner bootcamps; expanded free online training; virtual online demonstration capabilities; and expanded digital marketing funds.

The programmes and tools are intended to let partners sell, deploy and manage Cambium’s new Wi-Fi 6 products, including two wireless access points, six multi-gigabit switches, and enhanced cloud-based software that simplifies wireless network design and deployment. The new products are based on a software-defined radio architecture that increases Wi-Fi speeds while reducing ownership costs by up to 30 percent per megabit, it’s claimed.

Cambium Networks Senior Vice President of Global Channels, Ron Ryan, said: “Our partner programme provides customers with innovative wireless broadband and enterprise Wi-Fi solutions that deliver simplicity, scale, and significantly lower total cost of ownership.”

Zach Hubeck, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Wav said: “The new TCO Profiler is a real game changer, making it extremely easy for us to visually showcase to our customers the value of Cambium’s Wi-Fi 6 technology and the benefits of upgrading their networks.”

The company claims its  new Wi-Fi 6 products deliver unprecedented performance and value versus competitive products. For example, deployment of 100 Cambium XV3-8 access points with XMS-Cloud management provides an average cost savings of 29.8 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments of 100 Wi-Fi 6 access points from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. Similarly, a deployment of 100 Cambium XV2-2 access points with cnMaestro management provides an average cost savings of 42.0 percent over five years, compared to similar deployments from five other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors. (Comparisons are based on publicly available MSRP pricing and product specification information.) Learn more here.

Mobile Networks Managing Director, Peter Degelin, said: “ “Working with a technology provider that delivers the right tools and most advanced networking technology was instrumental in our recent efforts to upgrade the network of the International School of Luxembourg to the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology that can support its 5,000 users,” said Our relationship with Cambium continues to pay off as we’re embracing capabilities that help us differentiate ourselves and better support our customers.”