BlueVoyant supports DarkOwl’s security service

Cybersecurity services outfit BlueVoyant has been selected by DarkOwl to deliver its Managed Security Service.

BlueVoyant will provide its Managed Detection and Response (MDR+) capabilities, including support from its team of intelligence analysts and security experts, to protect endpoints, detect intrusion and defend against the latest and most sophisticated security threats.

DarkOwl lets organisations search the world’s largest dataset of darknet content. Its Vision API lets data to be directly integrated into a client’s native platforms, while its DarkINT risk scores simplify risk management based on the organisation’s darknet footprint. Monitoring and alerting let clients quickly discover breached material appearing on the darknet.

DarkOwl CEO Mark Turnage said: “The threat landscape continues outpacing threat defence and it has become obvious that the existing model for protecting critical assets, end-users and endpoints is flawed. Instead of choosing yet another partial solution that can only determine threat and compromise based on triggered rulesets or known patterns of behaviour, we chose BlueVoyant’s MDR+ approach to get ahead of the curve. By modelling its service on our data and the output of our activities BlueVoyant is able to detect issues and compromise much earlier.”

Jim Rosenthal, CEO, BlueVoyant said: “The fast pace and complex evolution of the cyber threat landscape makes it hard for under-pressure internal teams to stay current with every emerging threat. The unrivalled knowledge and experience of our team, combined with our advanced technology and proprietary datasets, provides deep expertise and oversight that means clients like DarkOwl can be confident that their business is protected.”