Blue Prism’s former CEO joins ScaleUp Group

Alastair Bathgate has joined ScaleUp Group after he steps down as Blue Prism CEO on 30 April.

Bathgate founded and led Blue Prism from a two person startup in 2001 through to a successful 2016 IPO with a market cap that grew from £48 million to more than £1 Billion. Blue Prism created a brand new enterprise software product category that became known as Robotic Process Automation with a $multi-billion ecosystem of technical and distribution partnerships and a global reach across 130 countries and 70 industry sectors.

Bathgate said” “I worked with John O’Connell, Founder of ScaleUp Group, when Blue Prism was a Platinum Sponsor of the Enterprise Awards, which John created, and previously in his role as Chairman of ActiveOps. I am a staunch believer in UK Tech and my background means I have great empathy with today’s generation of tech founders and I want to see them succeed. I am delighted to now have the opportunity to contribute in an advisory role whenever I can help smooth the sometimes rocky path to ultimate greatness.”

ScaleUp Group Executive Chairman John O’Connell said: “Bathgate is a current role model for any aspiring tech entrepreneur in the B2B sector, whose overnight success of 14 years is only slightly less than mine with Staffware! Being brave enough to create and preserve with the whole new category of RPA and then retain its independence, rather than ‘selling out’ takes vision, stamina and intestinal fortitude- plus execution capability of the highest order. I believe our clients will draw the utmost inspiration from his success, believing a UK business can be a leader in its field on the world stage.

“Bathgate exemplifies vividly what ScaleUp Group is all about – encouraging and guiding ambitious, high growth early stage tech businesses with the potential to become Global Champions. I am very proud to welcome him into our membership of illustrious entrepreneurs and executives. I am sure he will also enjoy the freedom of not having the 24 x 7 executive responsibility anymore!”