Blue Prism has three new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions

Blue Prism announced the availability of three new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions that, it claims, augment its Digital Workforce powered by the company’s connected-RPA Platform.

These SaaS solutions use IP acquired with Thoughtonomy – now branded Blue Prism Cloud – and, it’s claimed, allow enterprises to access the industry’s most advanced intelligent automation capabilities.

The CEO of Blue Prism Cloud, Terry Walby said: “Our SaaS customers have long enjoyed the benefit of AI technologies that increase utilisation while simplifying management of an intelligent digital workforce, in addition to facilitating closer collaboration between human and digital workers. Now, we’ve opened up these capabilities to our entire community of Blue Prism users so that they can accelerate their digital transformation whether they are running automation environments on-premise or from the cloud.”

HFS Research Senior Vice President Elena Christopher said that Blue Prism has essentially taken some of the strongest elements of its Thoughtonomy acquisition and rebranded and packaged as new fully integrated offerings available on the DX.

“These offerings are in strong alignment with HFS’ latest research with 260 power users of RPA; better dashboards and analytics and enhanced AI capabilities topped this list as the most pervasive customer needs. The support for attended and human in the loop automation is also of note given Blue Prism’s strength in unattended. We’ll stay tuned for results”, she said.