Big Data vendors are mostly American

Beancounters at Globaldata have been looking at the biggest number crunchers in the business and have found all but one are American.

The company’s report, ‘Big data – Thematic Research’ , details how companies that fail to derive actionable insights from the wealth of data that they possess, struggle to compete with rivals using diverse data sets to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and marketplace.

Listed below are the leading private companies in big data, identified by GlobalData. The only vendor on the Top Ten who is not from the Land of the Fee is Data Virtuality from Germany which was a number two.

Top of the cloud was  US outfit Dataiku which is a collaborative data science software platform for teams of data scientists, data analysts, and engineers to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data products.

Next was Delphix which relaunched itself as a vendor dedicated to data security, access, and management, covering on-premises and public cloud environments and masking out sensitive data.

Number three was US based Denodo Technologies which delivers on-demand real-time data access to many sources as integrated data services with high performance using intelligent real-time query optimisation, caching, in-memory and hybrid strategies.

Number four was Informatica with its 10,000-enterprise customer base. It acquired AllSight in February 2019, adding AI-based software capabilities to its portfolio.

Number five was Logi Analytics which is an important player in self-service analytics, delivering tools designed to meet the needs of users, IT and product managers.