Barrie Desmond comes out of hibernation to catch salmon

After a year away, Barrie Desmond has returned to Exclusive as part of a cunning plan to spruce up the channel player’s executive team.

Desmond will become SVP of marketing and communications, and Gaerard Allison takes up the SVPĀ  EMEA role. At the same time, the distributor has introduced Brad Gray as SVP of APAC and Scott Lewis as SVP of the Americas.

Desmond said that the channel player had lots to do to disrupt the market and introducing technologies that would put resellers in a position to meet evolving customer needs.

“I have been like a hibernating bear in a cave, but I’ve come out to find that there are still salmon left to catch. I want to lead the charge from the front,again, and disruption is a journey, not a destination.”

Before stepping back for a year, he had spent seven years at Exclusive and has many years experience in the channel.