Barracuda warns that digital transformation requires better security

Barracuda president and CEO Hatem Naguib said that his outfit’s moves in the digital transformation industry have been validated over the lat two years.

He said that digital transformation made customers realise that traditional security was not cutting the mustard and they needed a much more elevated level of security. ”

Speaking to the gathered throngs at Barracuda Discover22 Naguib said that the market has “fundamentally changed”.

“Customer’s environments have become far less centralised and far more distributed. Now they have to worry about cloud access, individuals being at home and having an online presence. Nobody buys on-prem software anymore’ and there is a proliferation of SaaS and SASE,” he said.

“Pre-Covid, everybody was looking at Office 365. And now everybody wants to take on a multitude of SaaS products in order to sort out workloads, ,he said.

He said that there will be a collaboration aspect to these SaaS products meaning they will be vulnerable to the same types of attacks that occur through email.”

Customers want security at the edge, so access needs to be better controlled.

“There’s a new context that’s coming around called Secure Access Service Edge, which means that we can instantiate our security capabilities where they need to be controlled. Our customers want to consume that as a platform and we’re seeing a huge adoption of these SASE use cases to drive our platform”, Naguib said.

Naguib turned his attention to MSPs, promising to continue to invest in Barracuda’s MSP model while addressing the growth pains partners have seen.

“As the customers and the partners who have been adopting that, you have my commitment and the leadership teams’ commitment that we will work through and make sure our MSP program is industry-leading and meets the needs of our customers together in terms of how we want to do that.”