Avaya improves home office offerings

Avaya announced a redesign of its Avaya Vantage desktop device in a bid to spruce up its home office offerings.

The Avaya Vantage is an all-in-one meeting solution for the home office which includes a built-in high definition conferencing camera, wide band audio and four microphones and is designed to do away with a laptop.

Avaya also announced that it has integrated the Avaya Vantage with its Avaya Spaces collaboration app. Avaya Spaces is the cloud-based team collaboration and meeting tool that is changing how work gets done, enabling the digital workplace by bringing together distributed groups of people instantly with immersive work spaces where they can message, meet, share content, manage tasks and collaborate in the cloud.

The Avaya Vantage and Avaya Spaces are part of Avaya’s Composable Home Office Solutions strategy – which is driven by the Avaya OneCloud framework and uses the capabilities Avaya OneCloud UCaaS, CCaaS and CPaaS. 

Avaya’s recent “Work From Anywhere” survey reveals that 65 percent of companies polled were adding new video conferencing solutions as they adapt their workforce to what is likely to be a long-term trend toward more home offices. Analysts estimate that there are now over one billion knowledge workers globally, and before the pandemic the percentage of these who worked remotely was in the low single digits. New estimates indicate that when the pandemic is over, 30 percent of the workforce will work from home at least a couple of times a week.

However laptops have become the new “office”  and are being used for calling, meetings, messaging and work projects.  As a result, laptops have become crowded with numerous CPU-intensive apps, and work must often be paused to use the softphone or to participate in meetings.

Avaya’s idea is to offload calling and meetings from the laptop onto a purpose-built device.  Additional processing power has been added – making it three times faster than the previous version — to deliver the versatility and simplicity required for work at home communications. WiFi support means that it can be put anywhere, and it has complete connectivity to most any headset, keyboard / mouse, external camera, and an external display.

The Avaya Vantage is available with Avaya’s Device as a Service (DaaS) offering which means it can be provided to home office workers for a small monthly fee.