Auth0 plans to invest in channel

Auth0, an identity platform for development teams, announced the latest growth to its partner programme after closing a $120 million funding round last week thanks to its existing partner programme.

Auth0’s VP of International, Steven Rees-Pullman, said: “We’re also able to make our business ‘local’ far easier, particularly in markets where we might not have a large team on the ground. We find that local knowledge and expertise can be what makes the difference when winning deals. The end result is Auth0 has closed 72 percent more deals with and through partners in the first half of 2020 when compared with the same period in 2019. “

He said that Auth0’s success in EMEA has a lot to do with our investment in the channel.

“Over the past year, we have continued to commit resources – financial and time – to building and growing partnerships in the region. Operating via the channel, lets customers put Auth0 into the context of much larger, more comprehensive digital transformation projects, unlocking greater value and ROI than they might otherwise realise their identity management solution is capable.”

Auth0’s partner programme has been driven by ongoing demand for identity management solutions thanks to an increase in the number of people working remotely as well as ongoing digitalisation projects across industries ranging from banking to retail.

The company said that 83 percent of applications rely on some form of identity and authentication and channel partners are a fundamental aspect of their successful implementation.

Auth0 has closed 72 percent more deals with and through partners in H1 2020 compared with H1 2019 and plans to grow EMEA headcount by 20 per cent by end of 2020

Pullman said Auth0 will be investing in the channel to target deals as part of much larger digital projects with the money going to existing partners such as Cognizant, NTT Data, Abacus, Amido and PwC Germany, as well as targeting new markets and regions, such as Southern Europe