Apple might move to subscription model

Fruity cargo cult Apple has worked out that its products are so expensive it might be a wizard idea to move to a subscription model for iPhones and other hardware.

Bloomberg claims the tech giant is looking at making hardware ownership similar to paying a monthly app fee. The project is still in development, the sources said, but would mark a significant push towards recurring sales from the vendor.

The scheme is not going to be anything like a hire purchase arrangement.  There would be an as yet undecided monthly fee that depends on which device the user selects.

The US news outlet claims the idea is to “make the process of buying an iPhone or iPad on par with paying for iCloud storage or an Apple Music subscription each month”.

Users would be able to subscribe to hardware with their existing Apple ID and App Store accounts and the company is also said to have discussed allowing users of the programme to swap out their devices for newer models when they are released.